Machine specifications

  • Autofocus: the machine automatically adapts to every kind of cardboard. No input needed.
  • Automatic measuring of material dimensions: the machine measures the height, width, length and thickness of your material.
  • Automatic folding of tables: if there’s too much pressure on the table of the machine, it will automatically bend to prevent the machine from tipping over.
  • Can be lifted with a hand pallet truck: the machine is easy to transport.
  • Pivoting wheels

Technical specifications

  • LED indication on the machine: the LED strip on the machine indicates its status (sleep, idle, insert material, in progress…) through different colors and movements.
  • USB connector to charge and connect any iOS or Android device and a tablet/ smartphone stand.
  • RJ45 network: when there’s no WiFi available, the RJ45 network connection can take over. Having an internet connection is not indispensable.
  • No extra appliances needed.
Slimbox machine feature list
Machine dimensions open (cm) : 155,8 D x 176,7 W x 115 H cm check
Machine dimensions open (in): 61,3 D x 69,6 W x 45,3 H in check
Machine dimensions closed (cm): 155,8 D x 55 W x 115 H cm check
Machine dimensions closed (in) : 61,3D x 21,7 W x 45,3 H in check
Maximum size of material (cm): 100 x 200 cm check
Maximum size of material (in): 39,4 x 78,8 in check
Corrugated thickness between (mm): 1 and 5 mm check
Corrugated thickness between (in): 0,04 and 0,2 in check
WiFi connection check
Bluetooth connection check
RJ45 network connection check
Internal filter that is easy to replace. check
Operating power: 100V / 230V check
VDE power socket (cable included) check
1 Year limited warranty for all parts except the laser parts (tube, laser powersupply, lenses, mirrors…). check
1500hrs or 6month warranty for laser parts. check
Smartphone or tablet not included. check

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