What about leftovers?

If you fold any type of box open, you will see that it barely looks like a rectangle. But corrugated is of course always made in a rectangular form. This means that when a box is made, the edges are cut away at the box making factory. The corrugated factory takes the leftovers back in and makes new paper and corrugated out of it.

With Slimbox, these leftovers are of course produced as well. But, we optimized the process as much as possible using a couple of techniques:

- Slimbox makes sure that the box is cut in the best possible way. This means that sometimes the image is turned in a different position. This is called 'nesting'. Do you have multiple things that need to be cut out and fit on one cardboard? No problem, Slimbox takes care of that.

- If there is a large part that would still be good to reuse, Slimbox will cut it off automatically and exit that part on the other side of the machine.

- With a simple switch in the app, the edges will be cut in such a way that they can be fumbled together and used as filling material. Because not all objects are rectangular cuboids (cubes).