The biggest box

Written by Kristof

The biggest box

We are often asked, what the biggest box is a Slimbox can produce.
The answer to it is not straightforward. And you need to keep a few things in mind.

From 2D to 3D

When a box is made, whether it is done on a Slimbox or not, it always starts with a flat sheet of corrugated cardboard that is cut into a shape. The dimensions of that sheet of cardboard therefore determine the maximum size of the box.

Once the cutting and creasing is done, the walls of the box need to be placed upright. When the box is rather high, it means that there is a lot of that cardboard already used and therefore there will probably not be too much left for the bottom and/or the top.

For many people it is still a strange idea that you can make your own boxes with the dimensions you need. Of course, that makes them think that they still need incredibly big boxes. And therefore the common mistake is that the same dimensions are necessary. So when checking if the Slimbox is the solution you need, ask yourself: what will I be putting in the box? And what are the dimensions of it?

What do you want to package?
Folding or glueing

There are many boxes that can be folded so that they do not need any glue. The advantage of these boxes is that due to their complexity, they are much stronger than boxes that need glue. However, it comes at a price, since there are more flaps needed, it takes up more cardboard. And that means that the maximum dimensions of these boxes will be smaller. The images below show the difference of a box with the same dimensions, but where one needs to be glued and the other one can be folded.

Long and/or wide

A Slimbox can take in cardboard of maximum 1m / 40 Inches wide, but the length is virtually unlimited. Of course, as a user, you should still be able to handle the length of the cardboard. Therefore we often recommend not to go over 2.5m / 100 Inches. But that means you can make very large boxes. So if you wish to pack a door or a pair of skis, that is all possible.

As you can see, it is not possible to say: this is the largest box. However, we can of course easily calculate for you if a certain object can be packed or not. So do not hesitate to contact us if you would need some help

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