Product Launch on Kickstarter

launching the Kickstarter

By creating the Slimbox in 2017, we literally invented worlds biggest compact laser cutter.

We sold it as an ecological and on demand packaging machine. And that is great as we really solved a problem for a lot of company's in the past years. But, in meetings with our prospects and customers we received a lot of questions.

Concerning the functionalities. Designers wanted to include their own drawings. Prototypers wanted to design their own boxes, with special cut-outs. E-commerces wanted to personalize their boxes. Concerning the price. A return on investment is evident, but depending on the company needs, ROI could take longer for smaller business. And some others wanted to cut different materials. 

So we gathered around the table. We left the meeting room with the idea to construct a new machine. A machine as an answers to all this feedback. And we called it the Slimbox ME.

Last weeks at Fit Things was intense. A lot of things had to be done, decided and made. We did it. 

Well, all I can say is that our team proved to be a TEAM! Excelling each and everyone did what he does best. Creating, photographing, writing, constructing and designing a functioning prototype, ... You name it, we did it a as team, including a great BBQ yesterday! 

And now, it is up to you to buy our Slimbox ME.  Back us up at Kickstarter, and seize the opportunity.