Slimbox ME
The Out-of-the-Box Laser Cutter
Meet Slimbox ME

The largest compact laser cutter in the world that can create infinitely long objects. Because size does matter!

Slimbox ME

Ever wish you had the money and space for a big flatbed laser cutter? Well, you don’t need one anymore. Slimbox ME is the largest compact laser cutter with a bed that is 1 meter wide (40 inches) and the ability to cut unlimited lengths.

Start scaling your drawings! Now you can finally lasercut that adult-size Halloween costume you've always wanted to make in just a matter of minutes. Or make large signs and billboards out of a single piece of material, create complex wall coverages or simply produce a lot of drink coasters in just one click. The possibilities are limitless. Literally!

Slimbox ME is different from every other laser cutter in the market because it replaces the standard flatbed with a patented roller system that enables you to cut designs from very long pieces of material or very small ones.

Stop adapting your projects to the size of your cutter, we have adapted the cutter to the size of your projects. 

Big, Bigger, BIGGEST!

The Slimbox ME thinks out of the box. It transports its material through the machine. And so the only limitation is the width (101,6 cm or 40”) of the working area. The length however, is unlimited. In other words, a full length plate of MDF is a piece of cake. But, the magic does not stop there; the versatile Slimbox ME can handle small sized materials too (e.g. something the size of size of a standard writing paper).

So, you can cut big creative projects, which is unique amongst compact cutters. But the fact that you can cut full length plates of material, allows you to run a continuous production of small size products. For instance, you could make 360 drink coasters with a single press of a button.

Project materials used in the video left:

  • Small size double-deck aircraft: MDF, 3 mm 30x40 cm
  • Huge cardboard plane: corrugated cardboard, 5mm, sheets of 150x100 cm

Project materials used in the video left:

  • Small jewelry tree: MDF, 3 mm, 40x60 cm
  • Large tree: MDF, 6 mm, 100x160 cm.

Project materials used in the video left:

  • Small skyline: Black Acrylic, 3 mm, 20x40 cm
  • Large skyline: Plywood (painted black after cutting), 4 mm, 45x225 cm.
Cut and engrave

Slimbox ME is a CO2 laser cutter, which allows you to create projects just like you can on any other regular laser cutter. Both cutting and engraving are possible.

Just keep in mind that the products that you put through it, need to be stiff. So, if you want to cut fabric or leather, it will need to be placed on a stiff surface while it is cut.

Create green packaging

Your creativity and projects deserve a packaging that lives up to your standards. Creating artwork is one thing. But getting it shipped to your customer in one piece is a well-known issue.  

When you pledge for a Slimbox ME, we automatically grant you a 24-month full access subscription to our Green Packaging platform. This cloud solution contains an ever growing menu of box-models. Each of them are customizable by you by simply entering the needed dimensions for the height, width and length.

Once entered, you download a file that can easily be imported into your favorite design or laser cut software. Want to add your logo or change something to it? No problem, you are in control!

Perfectly fitted packaging is the ecological solution to evolve to higher efficient e-commerce. Smaller packaging can save on carbon emissions, as planes and trucks are loaded more efficiently. And you no longer need single-use filler plastics. You also don’t have to buy boxes anymore, just standard inexpensive flat cardboard. And you save money on the dimensional weight charges.

Keep on rollin'

You can compare the way the Slimbox ME works, with your office printer. When you introduce a material into the cutter, it is clamped between rollers. These will automatically align the focal point of the laser and keep your material from shifting during the cutting or engraving process. Then, as it is cut, your material will move in and out of the opening. 

We have already proven this technology in the original Slimbox and now have adapted it to work with many more types of materials.

Demo video

Right is an uncut demo video. It's quite lengthy, but this way you can really see how easy it works. And that our prototype actually works the way we say it does.

Don't believe us, believe them

Projects created in the video below created, made variously with acrylic, MDF, cork and corrugated cardboard.

  • Liz - "The Slimbox ME allows me to make even more personalized things. That's what I like."
  • Dirk - "My current laser cutter is limited in dimensions and therefore I consider buying a Slimbox ME."
  • Gill - "It's the first time that I can actually create a large drawing and put it on the wall. I'm really happy with the result!"
Seeing is believing

If you are still in doubt, why don't you mail us your design and we'll cut it for you on one of our prototypes.

Great things come in small boxes

We get it; You never have enough space and adding a big machine will only make things worse. The transport and installation would be challenging, as is in getting something big through doors or windows.

Slimbox ME is very slim.

It will easily fit through any standard door and it is small enough to go into most elevators. Of course, you will need some space when you cut very large things, but once you have completed the job, you can put your new cutter in a corner or under a work station.

Does it need tables?

Slimbox ME gently pulls the material through its roller system as the laser cuts, so we think a table is useful to keep material from bending as the Slimbox ME works but this is not necessary. The stiffness of the material being worked on - for example plywood compared to corrugated cardboard - will determine how long a piece can be before you might want to provide a support.

You can use whatever you like as a table to support the material while it is being cut. For instance, we simply stack a few (self-cut) boxes or pallets and place a piece of MDF on top to provide a smooth surface on which the material can slide.

And thanks to the feet underneath the machine, you can easily stabilize and level the cutter.


Slimbox ME can cut and engrave many types of material. A list of the most common ones can be found below. But we're sure you are creative enough to come up with many more.

In the air tonight

Slimbox ME can cut and engrave many types of material. A list of the most common ones can be found above. But we're sure you are creative enough to come up with many more.

You can buy a professional filter in our webshop. More information can be found here.


The Slimbox ME is built to last. The necessary maintenance on the Slimbox ME is simple and can be done by you So no need to run to a specialized technician. To help you out, we will provide the necessary information videos on our Youtube channel, as well as provide you with downloadable manuals. But of course, you can always contact us directly to get the necessary support.


Working with the Slimbox ME is easy. You design your projects in your favorite software environment (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, SketchUp, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, SolveSpace, OnShape, Solid Edge, … ) and send your project to the cutter in a standard vector format (e.g. ai, pdf, dxf, svg, crd, … ). Engraving a picture or logo into material is possible from standard formats like bmp, jpg, jpeg en png. 

Technical specifications
Safety first

A laser cutter can create ultra-sharp edges in some materials. So handling laser cut materials like wood and plastic, can be dangerous. For that reason, we advise you to always wear protective gloves when working with laser cut materials.

Since the Slimbox ME is based on the design and functionality of the original Slimbox, we have already done a big part of the work needed to get the necessary safety certificates. We will start with CE and UL. We will then follow on with any necessary certifications from other countries.

Our CO2 laser machines have safety engineered into them. Slimbox ME is a closed CO2 laser which makes it a Laser Class 1 machines. Slimbox ME is equipped with a failsafe switch that cannot be bridged. This deactivates the laser not only by software but also by hardware. Users are thus protected against unintended exposure to laser energy above the legal European standards.

Slimbox ME is not designed to be used as an open CO2 laser machine. The housing is a protective cover designed with features to prevent accidental operation when the cover is open.

Slimbox ME should never be modified to operate when the cover is open. This is unsafe and doing so will circumvent the built-in safety features and void the warranty.  

Opening the housing of the Slimbox ME and attempting to bridge the safety switches in such a way that the cutter will work without the protective covers is prohibited and will cancel the warranty. Any such attempt may put yourself and others at risk and you will do so at your own responsibility. Fit Things cannot be held responsible for any issues whatsoever if the housing is changed in any way.

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