Slimbox ME

Fit Things Slimbox ME is world's largest compact budget-friendly C02 laser cutter.

This 60 watt tabletop model cuts and engraves stiff material with an endless length, and a width of 1 meter. The maximal material thickness is up to 8 mm.

We can keep the Slimbox ME as compact as it is, as we move the material by clamping it between special designed rolls. Compare it to a standard office printer transporting its paper.

With our Slimbox ME you can create very small objects, just like the known laser cutters in the market. But our revolutionary patented technology allows you to create huge projects as well. Only your imagination limits its possibilities.  

Easy does it

Working with the Slimbox Me is easy. You design your projects in your favorite software environment (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, SketchUp, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, SolveSpace, OnShape, Solid Edge, … ), and send your project to the cutter in a standard vector format (f.e. ai, pdf, dxf, svg, crd, … ). Engraving material is possible from standard formats like bmp, jpg, jpeg en png by importing them in free open source software.

Create green packaging

Your creativity and projects deserve a packaging that lives up to your standards. Creating artwork is one thing. But getting the material shipped to your customer in one piece is a well-known issue.  

With your purchase, we grant you a 24-month free access to our online packaging cloud. This cloud contains up to 20 different box-models. Each and every box-type is customizable by just entering the needed dimensions in height, length and depth.

With this information we let you download a file that can easily be imported into your software. Want to add your logo or change something to it? No problem, you are in control!

Perfectly fitted packaging is thé ecological solution to evolve to a more efficient e-commerce. Smaller packaging can save on carbon emissions, as planes and trucks are charged more efficiently. And at the same time you do not need to use single-use filler plastics. You don’t have to buy boxes, but cheap cardboard. You save money on the dimensional weight charges of your transporter invoices you.


Laser cutting is a burning process, with an inevitable generation of fumes and a smell. To extract them, there are a few options. You either connect the opening in the back of the Slimbox ME to a standard industrial vacuum cleaner or, if you want to step it up a bit and reduce the smell more, you can connect it to a professional laser filter.

We advise you to work in a well ventilated workspace.

  • Autofocus: the machine automatically adapts to every kind of cardboard. No input needed.
  • Configuration depends on the customers desired level of personalization.
  • Can be lifted with people: the machine is easy to transport, and even fits in a large car.
  • The Slimbox ME is a lasercutter, and cuts your creative designs. It treats all standard vector files.  
  • Cuts all stiff materials, like cardboard, plywood, MDF, acrylic, cork, ... 
Machine features Value
Slimbox ME dimensions

150 D x 55 W x 65 H cm

59 l x 21,7 W x 25,6 in

Laser Power CO2 60 Watts (wavelength 10,6μm)
Maximum size of material 100 cm x ∞
40 in x ∞
Max thickness between

1 and 8 mm 

0,04 and 0,32 in

Operation power 100V / 230V
1 year warranty   
1500hrs or 6month warranty for laser parts  
Software requirements  Windows, macOS, Linux 32 & 64 bits
Control Software RDWorks, LightBurn, ...
Supported vector formats ai, dxf, svg, hpgl, plt, rd, ... 
Supported image formats bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tga
Slimbox ME
6,500.00 EUR