Slimbox ME

The Out-of-the-Box Laser Cutter
Meet Slimbox ME, the largest compact laser cutter in the world that can create infinitely long objects. Because size does matter!

Measure, pack and send with Slimbox
  • Control the machine entirely with the Slimbox app - your mobile device or computer can connect over USB or wireless (even with no internet available).
  • Choose from the large number of boxes in the Slimbox app menu which has both Fefco-standard boxes and our own unique designs.
  • Or create a box by entering the dimensions you want and experimenting with your own package design. 
  • Packing heavy goods? Just push a button in the app and you can cut a new box that will fit perfectly around the outside of your previous box. Need more strength to hold your product? Do it again.
Slimbox All in one Corner

The Slimbox Corner is designed to have an all in one station. Everything is with you.