Print the perfect size box for your present


The anti-climax of opening a package that’s 95% foam peanuts may have been consigned to history by Slimbox.


Large shipping boxes that contain far smaller items than suggested or expected are something of an issue – and not just in terms of the annoying anti-climax they create.

Costs and environmental impact play a part too as bigger boxes take up more space, and that can lead to more planes, trains and trucks being needed to deliver goods.

Now smart boxing company Slimbox wants to change this practice with its special printers and a smartphone app.

As well as being able to cut your box to the correct shape, the app includes options that enable users to tweak the packaging set-up depending on the fragility of the item.

For example a second, slightly larger box can be printed to double up on packaging. Users can also create internal supports for their boxes to cradle the goods inside and cushion them.

There’s no word on pricing for the set-up just yet, with Slimbox not set to begin shipping the printer until September next year.