Laser cutting means that you will create fumes and a smell. To extract them, there are several options depending on the machine you own.

For the Slimbox ME, DIY users can connect the universal nozzle at the rear-end to a standard industrial vacuum cleaner. If you’re a professional user, you can connect it to a professional laser cutter filter.

The Slimbox and the Slimbox Corner have their own built in filtering system, available in our webshop.

Our advanced extraction systems remove contaminants invisible to the human eye. Features such as advanced filtration and flow rate control mean our units help protect valuable equipment, maintain a higher quality mark and reduce downtime.

For our air filtering system, we can distinguish two categories:

  • Slimbox internal filtering system
  • Slimbox ME external filtering system

Slimbox internal filtering system

Behind the machine door, there is the filter. This is the only machine consumable. The filter consists of several different internal parts and need to be replaced every now and then. The timing when this needs to happen, depends on the amount of time and the material the machine has been cutting. The process on how to replace the filter is explained in the separate Filter Manual.

Our Slimbox filter kit consists of:

  • Five dust filters
  • One HEPA filter

Slimbox ME external filtering system

For our Slimbox ME we have several air filtering systems available. Depending on the projects and the frequency you want to use our Slimbox ME, we can advise the right filtering unit for you. This way, you don’t spend too much money and your solution is made to measures.