The end of absurd overpackaging? Researchers reveal robopacker that can create the perfect sized box for ANY gift.


Many boxes shipped this holiday season will contain more air and filler material than they will goods – resulting in wasted time and money.

Now, a Belgium based firm has designed a machine that uses laser cutters to create the perfectly sized box to ship their gift in from flat pieces of cardboard.

Called Slimbox, users measure their product, select the type of box and enter the dimensions using an accompanied app - and a foldable template prints out in seconds.

'Slimbox cuts the cardboard into the shape of your choice and automatically decides the exact cutting speed and preferred quality to guarantee a perfect result,' reads the Slimbox website.

Online shopping is at its peak during the holiday season, which means many boxes will be sent through the postal service.

However, these boxes are much larger than they need to be, as at least 40 percent of every box is just air - causing issues with costs and transportation.

'It's not only companies that have these kinds of problems', says Filip Roose, CEO of Fit Things, the firm behind Slimbox.

'Shopping centers, copy centers or postal points also struggle daily with finding the right-sized box for their products.' 

'We therefore wanted to create a machine that matches every product environment: both public and private.'