Slimbox is easy to operate
Slimbox interface

Thanks to a native app it is possible to create any of the box or inlay models, using the necessary dimensions. However, using a smart device is not always the most convenient way. Therefore, the Slimbox can also be controlled using a browser on any computer. This interface also allows more complex assemblies to be created. For instance, enter the dimensions once and create both an inlay and the box around it.

Slimbox API

Of course, in a production environment a user should not have to manually enter all the details of every box or inlay. At that point, it should be automated. And work as a just-in-time solution.
For that reason, it is possible to use the API and connect the internal ERP solution of the company to the Slimbox. Creating perfect boxes at the exact moment when they are needed.
Depending on the goods that need to be send out, it might even be interesting to consider the Middleware solution.

Slimbox 3D scanner

But it is also possible that the dimensions of the goods are simply unknown before they need to be put in a box. The best solution then, is to have a one-button 3D scanner. Just put the goods below the scanner and press the button. The Slimbox will start automatically.