Slimbox. Perfectly fitted packaging in a convenient new way.

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Standard packaging just became obsolete.

Slimbox is a brand new stationary machine to improve your logistics in a smart way. The very first in its kind. And here to stay.

A revolution in the packaging industry.

  • Create your custom-made and perfect-fit cardboard boxes with Slimbox
  • For every shape and all kinds of goods
  • Fits smaller businesses and larger facilities

Slim boxes, extra large benefits.

Find out how using Slimbox saves money, time and storage space.

Save money.

Reduce your packaging and shipment costs. Economize on filling material, storage costs and unnecessary leftovers.

Save time.

Optimize your storage inventory and create a custom-made and in-house solution for your logistics. Don’t waste time finding the right box in the warehouse. Less space needed, less time wasted.

Save storage space.

Slimbox fits every business environment perfectly thanks to its small size, making it suitable both for smaller businesses and larger facilities.

Slimbox helps save the planet.

  • 40% less carbon emissions
  • Less waste production
  • More efficient use of materials

Easy to operate.

Slimbox has an intuitive one button operational process, completely controllable with the Slimbox app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Your mobile device can connect over USB or wireless, even without an available network. Custom-made is easy-made.

Discover how it works.

How it works

Find out how Slimbox can boost your business!

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